Open the doors of art and offer a unique experience

We organise private guided tours which combine the french way of living with exceptionally high-quality service.

From a visit to an exhibition with the curator, to a meeting with an artist in his studio, to the privatization of museums, our field of activity is vast. We rely on a passionate team of guides and speakers who have been handpicked by us, and we adapt to the requests of all French and international clients.

Our network extends to all French regions as well as some European countries.

The desire to share a common conception of art and heritage

The agency was created in 2012 by Gabrielle Roüault de La Vigne and Franck Vogelin.

Gabrielle Roüault de La Vigne gained experience organizing artistic events in museums, contemporary art, theatre, publishing and television. She familiarized herself with the main cultural institutions of Paris and the various actors in the art sector (artists, curators, art critics and journalists), whilst working on large-scale projects, in particular at the Louvre Museum and the Ministry of Culture’s National Center for the Arts, thus proving her versatility.

Specializing in the art market, Franck Vogelin expanded his organization and coordination skills in this field as the Director of Exhibitor Relations within the Cultural Events Organization. In addition to the quality art fairs that he has orchestrated in Paris, London, New York, Moscow and Salzburg, he routinely attends the leading art fairs worldwide. His extended network is made up of the best gallery owners, experts and art critics in the field.


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All of our guides are extremely passionate and eager to share their stories and secrets.

All of our guides are extremely passionate and eager to share their stories and secrets. Whether led by a sommelier, an art historian, artist, or just a free spirit, each will bring a personal touch to your tour.

Our guides speak more than 15 languages including French, English, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Danish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew…