How does it work?

Choose the time and date of your visit then contact us by email or phone (01 53 60 17 72). After discussing your visit with a member of our team, you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice. We will take care of everything (tickets, reservations, right to speak, etc.). You will be given an appointment with your guide at a specific location.

According to what type of visit you have chosen, you will find your personal guide on site or he/she will pick you up with a private driver.
Your personal guide has the tickets in hand and will take care of everything – you do not need to queue.
The visit is dynamic and filled with charming anecdotes and the guide will adapt to your interests and knowledge.

We accept payments by check, bank transfer or cash.You pay the entirety of the invoice to Les Visites Particulières before the visit.

Contact us on 01 53 60 17 72 and we will explain how to go about reserving a visit with us!

No – all of our visits are private and tailored to your needs and interests (you can make your own group for the visit).

It varies: according to the regulations of our different partner institutions, groups range from 1 to 60 people for guided tours.
We also organize events (private parties, etc.) for groups ranging from 10 to 200 people.

Our rates are not public and vary depending on your individual requests, but the price starts at a few hundred euro.

– Tour preparation and creation time (research and
on-site checking)
– Professional insurance
– Tour organization time
– Time spent on booking tickets or time slots
– Charges and taxes related to our activity
– Time spent on administrative management of the agency.

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